5 Reasons to Build Your Own Home


There has never been a better time to build your own home

At PLM Homes we are committed to create the home of your dreams, whatever your budget we will work with you to deliver a beautifully crafted home, designed and built to your specifications.

1 / You get more for your money

Buying a home via an estate agent can be expensive, Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) threshold is £125,000 with 2% to £250,000 and 5% up to £925,000. If you buy land or an old property and rebuild you could save considerable amounts on a new build. The average self-build costs around 25% less than a home that already exists. So, those extra two bedrooms may not be as out of reach as you think. You can also save a considerable amount if you are clever with your planning, buying, and building.

2 / You can get the VAT back!

You can apply for a VAT refund on all building materials and services if you are:

  1. building a new home
  2. converting a property into a home
  3. building a non-profit communal residence – eg a hospice
  4. building a property for a charity
3 / You create a space that works for you

How many times have you looked around a house and thought ‘I would move that or it needs more’. Building your own home allows you to imagine and create a home that suits your needs with the fittings and fixtures that you want and not what you have to put up with also storage and light that works for you where you need it the most. Working with our architects who can advise to ensure you get the build just the way you want it.

4 / Use the latest materials can make your home green, sustainable and energy saving

Materials and technology are improving all the time making our homes more thermally efficient, a green home is designed to be highly efficient and to make use of natural energy harvested from the local environment.  The majority of self builds today incorporate some green features and as a result, their energy profile and carbon footprint can be tiny when compared to a conventional house. This means that not only is the effect you have on the environment reduced, but it is likely that the effect energy bills have on your wallet will be reduced as well.

5 /  Bespoke home are more profitable

Once you have been through the whole process and having the home of your dreams you may want to sell it. The guide rule is to build a house that costs £300,000 will be valued around the £400,000 mark thus returning an instant profit. The potential equity to be made can allow to start the process again and thus eventually becoming mortgage free.